Pairing Sauternes : Château de Fargues marries well with a great number of dishes. The only caveat is to avoid overly sweet desserts.

In fact, Château de Fargues is not a dessert wine. On the contrary, it shows as its best in contrast with other flavours.

The scope of foods that go well with Fargues is practically infinite: oysters, white fish, seafood, white meat, strongly flavoured or even highly- spiced dished, blue cheeses, fruit tarts such as apple or rhubarb tart, etc.

Connoisseurs enjoy Fargues on its own, as and English tea-time treat, or else as an aperitif.

A very successful way of easing the transition from Fargues to a red wine course is to serve a hot, lukewarm or even cold broth to refresh the palate.

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“As I discussed in the chapter about Fargues in my book Les Vins de ma vie, the Lur Saluces estates are famous among discriminating palates for their wine – and their white asparagus- throughout the Aquitaine region and beyond. The pairing we devised at Le Cinq with Christian (Christian Le Squer, triple-starred chef at Le Cinq) combines the two standard bearers of the estates, and the sharp and brilliant sophistication that has stood the test time.”

By Eric Beaumard, sommelier at the George V (Paris)
See also ERIC BEAUMARD, Château de Fargues. Clé d’or des Lur Saluces, in « Les Vins de ma vie », La Martinière, 2015