The wine of Fargues goes well with a large number of dishes, on the sole condition that it is not confronted with sugar.
This is not a dessert wine; on the contrary, Château de Fargues appreciates contrasts.

Multiple combinations are to be explored: with oysters, shellfish, fish especially in sauce, white meats (poultry, pork, veal), game, spicy dishes, blue-veined cheeses, fruit pies or rhubarb.

The artists drink it without anything, at the end of the afternoon at “Tea Time” because the wine of Fargues is enough for itself.

We recommend a hot or warm broth to renew the palate before serving the red wines, if any.

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“As I mentioned in the chapter devoted to Fargues in my book Les Vins de ma vie, the Lur Saluces estates are famous throughout Aquitaine and far beyond among the fine gourmets of France for their wine and … their white asparagus! The pairing we concocted at Le Cinq with Christian (Christian le Squer, three-star chef at Le Cinq) combines these two great standards of these estates, which shine in the wind and shine with their finesse and staying power through time.”

By Eric Beaumard, sommelier at the George V (Paris)