White asparagus flan from Uza, morels and Bellota ham


For 6 persons
800g organic white asparagus from Uza ( http://www.domaines-uza.fr )
400g liquid cream
4 Eggs
6 thin slices of Bellota Ham
50g dried morels
10g of veal juice
25g Semi-thick cream
1 shallot


Peel the asparagus, cut the lower part into sections (keep the heads) and cook them in the cream

After 10 minutes, let the mixture cool.

Add salt, mild spices, pepper and whole eggs

Mix the preparation and filter it

Pour the preparation into 6 buttered molds and bake at 120° in a bain-marie for 40 minutes

Infuse morels in hot water until rehydrated

Brown them with a little butter and the finely chopped shallot

Add veal juice, heavy cream and morel infusion water

Allow to reduce and thicken to consistency

Brown the asparagus heads in a frying pan with a little olive oil, salt and pepper

In a non-stick pan, place the slices of Bellota cheese and sear them without fat

Proceed with the presentation, unmould the flans, place it in a soup plate, pour a little sauce and morels and place the thin slice of ham on top

Arrange the asparagus heads as decoration

Asparagus flan with Uza slices, morels and Bellota ham

A tasty and original spring starter. Perfect match with a Château de Fargues 2005 - April 2018

Château de Fargues