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An intimate relationship between man and the soil

At Château de Fargues, nature and man work together to produce perfectly ripe grapes subject to the capricious effects of Botrytis cinerea. This microscopic fungus concentrates and multiplies the aromas found in the two grape varieties grown at the château, while reflecting the unique characteristics of its terroir.

This mysterious alchemy and an extraordinary combination of factors accounts for the rare and precious Sauternes made by Château de Fargues – an invitation to an uncommon pleasure, a delicious taste experience, a special moment to share, and a time to celebrate…

Alexandre de Lur Saluces

Our philosophy

At Château de Fargues

Fifty different treatments are provided at each vine to allow the harvest of grains to the best of their transformation.

Lur Saluces'

Family cradle

In Bordeaux, Château de Fargues is a unique example of heritage longevity. Today, the 15th and 16th generations of Lur Saluces are working for the estate.

A 14th century fortress

at Fargues in Gironde

Fargues is also a fortress known in the region as one of the « Clementine châteaux » and has been a witness to French History starting in the fourteenth century.