White asparagus and prawns


For 5 people
White asparagus from Domaine d'Uza 100g (http://www.domaines-uza.fr)
Prawns (15 pieces)
Celery stalk 60g
Soy sauce (unsweetened) 75g
Sesame oil
Liquid fish stock (or shellfish juice) 250g Granny apples 100g
Whole milk 250g
Liquid cream 250g
Dry white wine 275g
Cognac 5cl Chives 1⁄4 bunch Fresh coriander 1⁄2 bunch
Dry roasted peanuts 100g
Garlic 30g
Onion 60g
Espelette pepper


Shell the prawns, remove the casing and pat them flat on absorbent paper

Marinate the gambas tails with the soy sauce, sesame oil and a turn of the pepper mill and Espelette pepper

Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 8 hours

Emulsion de carapaces : Suer les carapaces avec du beurre, ajouter l’ail entier, les oignonsémincés, le céleri branche émincé et cuire quelques minutes

Déglacer avec le cognac, ajouter le vin blanc, réduire de moitié, mouiller avec le fumet, lacrème liquide et le lait

Cuire pendant 30 min

Mix and filter through a sieve

Just before serving, add the chopped coriander and emulsify

Brunoise: wash and drain the mushrooms, cut them into brunoise (small cubes) and sweat

Cut the cooked asparagus in the English way

Peel and dice the apples and sweat them

Mix the 3 preparations, add the chopped celery leaves, the chives and season

Gambas: Cook the gambas tails in a foamy butter

Finishing and presentation: In a soup plate, arrange the vegetable brunoises, add the gambas tails, then coat with the carcass emulsion and sprinkle with crushed peanuts

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