Vintage 2015


All vinified musts reveal a very great wealth and a exquisite complexity of matter. The breadth of the wine Château de Fargues 2015 is based on a very wide range aromatic.

On both the nose and mouth, fruity very pure, fresh, white fruits and fruits exotic, gives a dimension almost aerial to this liquor otherwise so dense and so rich.

We find all the magic of the great wines of Fargues and the paradox of the noble rot that combines both sweet flavors, sweetly bitter, fruity, fresh and tonic.

Vinified then raised to the rate of a third in new wood, no doubt that this vintage 2015 will find its place in the beautiful series of famous years in “5”.


The harvest starts on the 11th September on the plots the cooler and lower slopes.

In these very dry conditions, you have to wait and to pick only a few grains on the 15th, 21st, 28th and 29th, for fear of seeing these get mummified before a wider picking. Thanks to a thunderstorm on October 2nd and the wetness which persists then a few days, the noble rot invades the vineyard.

Temperatures then drop sharply (2 degrees below October) allowing botrytis cinerea to concentrate slowly the grapes and generating a great complexity of flavors and aromas while preserving the freshness of the fruit.

The tries follow each other from 8 October. As often, patience paid: the heart of the vineyard and its plots clayists finally deliver their treasure between October 12 and 16. The the harvest finally ends on the 21st.



Sumptuous liqueur and a brilliant finale,

Sauternes in all its splendor, with an aromatic

harmony typical of this vintage

Bettane & Desseauve  2016


La gourmandise du millésime est au rendez- vous mais comme souvent,  la puissance du terroir de Fargues parle avec force. Le vin livre un parfum d’épices et de poudre de fer. Son cœur de bouche est serré dans une matière vive et compacte avec une liqueur un rien plus élevée que de coutume , mais magistralement équilibré.

Revue des Vins de France –  Roberto Petronio mai 2016


A stunner, with seamlessly layered pineapple, pear, mango, papaya, quince and persimmon flavors, framed by a hint of toasted macadamia nut and carrying through a lush yet well-defined finish.

Showing power and grace, this is a full stride ahead of the field.

Wine Spectator – James Molesworth  – 4th April 2016


It’s been a few years now that Fargues has really stood out for its elegance and perfectly-pitched edgy acidity. If Sauternes was a more popular appellation and wine style, this would have queues round the block. As it is, for Sauternes lovers, it’s a steal. Lemon rind, orange blossom, soft white truffle, a twist of steel.

Decanter -Jane Anson  – 19th April 2016