The 2000 vintage

The harvest is stopped by the rains on October 10th, the harvest brings a barrel/ha. Everything starts with 2 somp-killer selections, the rest is just putting the grapes on the ground.


After a "rotten" spring, which raised serious fears of mildew, flowering went well in early June. Other than a few cool nights and a week of July 14th that was a trial for holiday goers, summer was warm, sunny, and dry. In fact, the drought conditions lasted until the end of summer. The crop was both plentiful and of excellent quality. The grapes were very ripe and ready for noble rot. At first, the dry weather in September slowed down contamination by botrytis.


Pickers went over the entire estate on 26/09 to harvest (mainly Sauvignon Blanc) grapes precociously attacked by botrytis. A few scattered showers gave new impetus to noble rot, and a 2nd round of picking began on October 9th. On October 10th, there were 9 more barrels of beautiful wine in the cellar. If the fine weather had continued, the equivalent of thirty barrels of wine would have been picked in 3-4 days. However, it started to rain on the evening of the 10th and continued for a week. The grapes from the end of the 2nd wave of picking were not deemed worthy of the estate. It then proceeded to rain non-stop (except for a lull from October 22nd to the 29th), at which time a third wave of picking brought in a few grapes. During a break in the weather on November 15th, pickers cut off the bad remaining grapes and left them on the ground. A year of low yields: 15 barrels of wine from15 hectares!


Fermented and aged in barrel for three years. Production : only 4,000 bottles Alcohol: 13.50° - Residual sugar: 124 g/l - Acidity: 4.80 g/l


Beautiful brilliant straw yellow colour. The initial impression on the nose is very fresh and intense with hints of flowers, acacia blossom, fruit, and lemon. After aeration, subtle aromas of vanilla and spice are released. Vivacious attack on the palate, going on to reveal very good balance. Fine, fruity flavours and good structure. Quite rich and round on the middle palate, while retaining a pleasant vivacious quality. Rich aftertaste, which nevertheless unfolds with considerable freshness. The initial taste is fruity and lemony, but this quickly gives way to fruit paste, jam, and tangy fruit flavours. Freshness and good acidity are obvious from beginning to end. The proportion of Sauvignon Blanc affected by noble rot was 2-3 times greater than usual. This evidently left its mark on the vintage. The wine "explodes" on the palate. Its perfect concentration is balanced by lemony freshness. The pure aromas and flavours are incomparable. A wine best enjoyed at the beginning of the meal.

Château de Fargues - 2017

"The mouth offers a beautiful power and candied, roasted notes. The long finish is both powerful and structured by a beautiful acidity. "

David Flacher – Grains Nobles – 17/01/2006
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