A classic harvest for a deliciously gourmet wine; perfect ripening conditions that have perfectly preserved freshness and fruit.


After one of the coldest and driest winters in the past 20 years, bud break took place in April during sunshine worthy of a month of July. The size of the prospective crop looked very promising at this stage.
Sandwiched between heavy showers in May and the first two weeks of June, flowering went remarkably well. The summer was largely dry and sunny despite the rather cool weather during the first three weeks of August. From that point on, the grapes ripened well thanks to beautiful sunshine and unseasonably cool evenings.
In a nutshell, 2010 was a relatively late-ripening year, which meant that it fresh, fruity aromas.
The first pass took place fairly late on the 27th and 28th of September, but was altogether magnificent. The grapes were concentrated and fresh, with complex aromas. October started off with the first of 4 rainy periods that month, followed by bright sunshine and temperatures 3-4°C above average: perfect conditions for the spread of noble rot.
The same scenario repeated itself three times, with sunshine, then cold weather and a northerly wind that dried the grapes. The passes followed one another from the 14th to the 19th October, and the bulk of the harvest took place from the 17th to the 23rd.
The 5th and last pass took place on the 4th and 5th of November after a long (22 day) rainy spell.
The 2010 crop was large, and finished ripening fairly late during dry, very sunny weather. 2010 has all the hallmarks of a great vintage.


The harvest was typical of a year producing delicious wine. Perfect ripening preserved both freshness and fruit. A pale, brilliant, golden colour indicative of its youth. The nose is very pure and fresh with notes of lemon, verbena, and resin. There are also hints of juicy pomelo, lime blossom, vine flower, and rose petal aromas, accompanied by nuances of peach, plum, apple, apricot, quince, pâtisserie, and fine oak. The palate opens up with delicious juicy fruit flavours and a sweetness perfectly counterbalanced by fresh liquorice nuances. The structure is smooth and silky, quite luscious, and with good acidity. The fresh and flowery notes combine with pomelo, pineapple, and pear. A taste of apricot cake and marzipan reveal a gentle bitterness. Mandarin orange and preserved lemons chime in before a subtly spicy finish. The elegant aftertaste lingers almost infinitely, but in a restrained way, due to its youth. A perfect balance.


Production area: 14, 3809 ha Harvest: 5 successive manual selections Fermentation period : 3 to 5 weeks, in barrel, by indigenous le- vures Production: 25 000 bottles Vinification: 100% in barrels with 25 to 30% new wood and the and the balance in one to one and a half year old barrels Aging period: 30 months

Comment of Tasting of Château de Fargues

The brilliant pale gold color reflects its youth. The nose is very pure with sweet notes of white flower honey, exotic perfumes but also ripe apricot and fresh fig. Candied lemon refreshes this true fruit basket. The mouth reveals a perfect balance of structure with a silky and enveloping side that is enhanced by a pleasant acidity. The exotic fruits are still very present, pineapple, passion fruit. The flavors of tangerine and candied lemon begin to assert themselves before a gently spicy finish.

Château de Fargues, 2017

« The Château de Fargues has a very pure nose of clear honey, lemon curd and passion fruit all with fine delineation and focus. The pa- late is mediumbodied with citrus-driven entry with touches of lime, pas- sion fruit and grapefruit. It has great focus and « drive », a crescendo of flavours that embrace quince, Seville orange, tangerine and spice. There is wonderful persistency towards the powerful finish. [...] »

Neal Martin – – 13/05/2011

« Thick and spicy, with unctuous, still slightly raw-seeming layers of apricot, peach and fig. Ginger cream and green tea check in on the fi- nish. Rather backward still, but there's lots balled up. »

James Molesworth – Wine Spectator – 05/04/2011

"Chiseled, pure and subtle, Fargues 2007 is a wine of very fine balance, slender, which develops deliciously in the air. [...] "

La Revue des Vins de France HS – 01/11/2010

"[...] the 2010 is a clean, frank and delicate Fargues [...] with a nice balance on the palate between liquor, sugar and acidity. "

La Revue des Vins de France – 01/01/2012
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