Spared by frost, but not by "acid rot"!!!


After the cold weather of January, the winter progresses in the mildness with some good rains. With a record amount of sunshine in April, the vines grew very quickly and reached the flower bud stage at the end of the month. On April 20th, 27th and 28th, the morning temperatures dropped sharply and the vineyard of Fargues barely escaped the frost. May was sunny and warm, which favored a rapid flowering. June continued with one day out of two above 30° maximum temperature.
We are close to the early conditions experienced in 2010 or 2011 or even 2003. The hundred of millimeters of water that fell at the end of the month will be a good reinforcement to go through two months of dry summer. Mostly overcast but very hot when the sun appeared, July saw the first Sauvignon grapes reaching 9-10 degrees at the end of the month. Dryness and heat in August, with a short heat wave in the last decade, give us hope for a quick harvest in early September. Like in 2011 or 2003?


Patatras, September was cool, constantly humid, in a western regime; the early ripening slowed down. The rot set in little by little, but it is not possible to start a sorting without real drying conditions. The heat returned at the end of the month, and it was now the drosophila that stung the bunches. On September 26, the sorting was launched. We had to save this first generation of noble rot and eliminate all the acid rot, i.e. more than 50% of the harvest.


Production area: 21.17ha Harvest : 3 successive manual selections between 26.09 and 13.10 Fermentation period : 3 weeks Production: 12.000 bottles Vinification: 45% in new barrels Duration of maturation: 30 months

Tasting notes of Château de Fargues

"This is a powerful, dense vintage that is bursting with energy. The wine starts with fresh notes of flowers, citrus and yellow fruit. After that, honey and pastries. And finally candied fruit and orange and tangerine zest. And the tangerine is the expression of a great botrytis."

Château de Fargues - 2020

Château de Fargues 2017-Sauternes" The nose is fresh, elegant, balanced, racy and offers a little juiciness. There are notes of fresh pear, crisp nectarine and more associated with subtle hints of white fruit in syrup..."

Vert de Vin

"And in 2017? In Fargues, the wines are magnificent "

Le Point

Apricots, pineapples, peach, fruity, elegant and bright nose. Fresh acidi- ty, fresh, fruity, detailed, beautiful, lively, nuanced and long. Superb pu-rity.

APR 17 Pale golden. Chryster Byklum
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