Château de Fargues, Sauternes

Château de Fargues is a unique wine estate located in the prestigious “Sauternes” appellation producing a world famous sweet white wine.

The Sauternes produced by Château de Fargues is the result of outstanding gifts of nature and the motivation – one might even say the stubbornness – of a family – the lur saluces’s family devoted to fine wine, and an attentive, enthusiastic winemaking team.

The wine of Fargues is rich with symbols like those of human life: it celebrates the most important events when it does not celebrate birthdays.

Unique Sauternes

Château de Fargues enjoys an exceptional geographical situation. The micro-climate of Sauternes is characterized by a subtle alternation between humidity, sun and wind. All conditions are met to allow the development of Botrytis.

The notion of terroir would be nothing without the unique know-how of men. Both in the vineyard and in the winery, the team is perfectly in control of the production stages of this great wine.

At Fargues, the harvesting method entails passing through the vineyard a number of times to select only the grapes or part of bunches that have been attacked bt « noble rot ». Such extravagance leads to very small yields, one vine generally producing only a single glass.

In addition, the wine matures for a long time in barrels and bottles before its reach. Such is the price for quality.

Without question, the wine of Château de Fargues is fabulous. This Grand Sauternes is characterized by a beautiful gold dress.

The tasting has a perfect balance and a complex bouquet with aromas of candied fruit, quince, honey and apricot. It is fresh, round and has a very nice minerality. This wine has a fabulous aging potential.