Château de Fargues

Château de Fargues is a very old wine estate located in the prestigious Sauternes appellation which is known for its unique sweet white wine.

This estate has belonged to the Lur Saluces family since 1472, a unique example of continuity and longevity of heritage. The history of this family is intimately linked to that of the region and its wine.

“At Château de Fargues, nature and mankind work together to produce a grape with a wide range of aromas that is sensitive to the capricious effects of Botrytis Cinerea, more commonly known as “noble rot” This microscopic fungus will multiply the aromas of the two grape varieties, revealing the particularities of the terroir.
This alchemy, this true complicity is at the origin of Sauternes, a rare and precious wine, here a “Sauternes signed Fargues” … an invitation to a unique pleasure, a delicious treat, a moment of sharing, a moment of celebration.

Alexandre de Lur Saluces, owner of Château de Fargues.

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