Vintage 2013


Château de Fargues 2013 : These various passes called for draconian choices because the warm, wet weather in October left the door open for the wrong kind of rot to develop. In the end, nearly half the grapes were sacrificed to retain only those with pure noble rot.

This uneven crop, with a yield of less than 8 hectolitres per hectare, nevertheless produced a fine wine very typical of the estate with aromas and flavours of candied fruit, along with considerable vivacity.

This vintage is not unlike 1999 or 2007 Château de Fargues.


The beautiful warm weather continued, so a 2nd pass could soon begin. This finished on the 3rd of October just before a heavy evening storm disrupted the weather for several days. Wine made from the first lots of grapes was very pure, fresh, and vivacious thanks to beautiful Sauvignon Blanc. Helped by a northerly wind (accompanied by drier, cooler weather), a small window of opportunity enabled picking to take place on the 9th, 11th and 13th, despite new showers on the 12th.
The Sémillon grapes contributed their full potential of candied fruit aromas, while retaining freshness and good acidity. A warm south wine arrived on the 18th. The harvest began again in earnest on the 21st and finished the next day. Wine made with the final lots of grapes was full-bodied and rich, although still quite fresh.


Fargues est tourné vers un équilibre résolument bas. Peu de sucre, beau nez sur le citron confit, la puissance de Fargues parle dans ce vin tout en muscles. La finesse arrive en deuxième partie de bouche. Bon équilibre sucre/acidité avec, dans les parfums, la perception d’un élevage sous bois qui accompagne à merveille le fruit. Belle dualité puissance / élégance. Un must.
La Revue des Vins de France HS – 22/04/2014

Mitteldunkles Gelb, somit recht intensiv, leuchtender Rand. Sehr süsses Bouquet, gekochte Golden Delicious, Pektinnoten, Kamille, in der Botrytis zeigen sich karamelisierte Zitronenschalen. Im Gaumen mit viel frischem Honig, eine pikante, mineralische Note im Extrakt zeigend, sanft bitteres Finale. Hat geniale Anlagen, muss aber seine Proportionen noch ins richtige Licht rücken. 2020 – 2045
René Gabriel – 22/04/2014

Le vin se dégustait de façon superbe au château La Lagune, avec toute l’intensité et le rôti d’un grand terroir de Sauternes dans un grand millésime et une prise de bois remarquable. Un peu plus discret, mais racé et subtil en deux autres occasions.
Bettane & Desseauve – 22/04/2014

Very spicy, with lots of dried peach, mango and apricot notes leading the way, backed by bold ginger and toasted almond. Layers and layers glide through the very unctuous finish. This is a deep, serious, mouthfilling wine in the making.
Wine Spectator – 22/04/2014

The Chateau de Fargues has a gorgeous bouquet that is going to be wondrous after bottling, mineral-rich, tensile honeyed fruit that is less flamboyant than recent vintages and yet amazingly well-focused. The palate has a spicy tincture on the entry, laser-like precision, with a zesty, citrus-driven finish. This is a more delicate, understated Chateau de Fargues, but left alone in the glass over several minutes, it really begins to blossom and gain weight. This should be outstanding after bottling.
Neal Martin – 04/2014