(Serves 8): a 600 g duck foie gras, 1 half-bottle young Sauternes, 2 coffee spoons salt, and 1 coffee spoon white pepper.

Leave to marinate for half a day at a cool temperature and turn over from time to time.
Prepare the bain-marie in an oven heated to 150°C (setting 5). Put the foie gras in a terrine and then put the terrine into the bain-marie simmering at a temperature of 70° or more. Cook for 40 minutes.
Take the terrine out of the oven, place a board of about the same size on top, put a weight on top, and refrigerate.
When the foie gras is entirely chilled, remove the board and the weight, recover the fat that has overflowed, melt it, and pour it over the foie gras.
Refrigerate for two days and serve with a 1996 Château de Fargues.