The purpose of this site is to inform everyone who wishes to learn more about the oldest family-owned estate in the Sauternes appellation (and probably in all Bordeaux).

The website makes it possible to see who sells Fargues internationally.

You will notice that the château’s average annual production of twenty thousand bottles is distributed all over the world thanks to the dynamic Bordeaux wine trade.

The Internet also provides me with the opportunity to send a message of friendship to everyone involved in distributing the wine and to wine lovers everywhere, and to extend my best wishes for the New Year. I also invite you to come and visit the estate and cellars.

Meanwhile, a visit to this site will, I trust, help you to understand who we are and the secrets to making our wine, as well as the influence of the centuries-long link with Yquem.

Thanks to a handful of vineyard workers, we produce fine wine from 20 hectares in the prestigious, but small Sauternes appellation – a gem among Bordeaux’ 140,000 hectares of vines.

I feel very privileged to manage this jewel of an estate and to do my best, year after year, to produce the best possible wine that nature allows me to. For every vintage that I have asked Operations Manager François Amirault to make for nearly twenty years, I have sought to provide him with the finest material means and a very free reign to produce the best possible Sauternes.

As the famous Bordeaux oenologist Emile Peynaud once said, “Wine is the very best thing one can do with grapes.”

The skills and craftsmanship necessary to make Château de Fargues have much in common with artistic creation, and the number of decisions to make along the way is truly impressive. As you will see from reading the vintage reports, it is also necessary to manage major risks in order produce this rare wine that diverts botrytis’ normally destructive tendency into producing new life in the form of a golden wine.

We hope that those of you visiting this site will not hesitate to come and see us at the estate while on holiday or on a trip to discover the Bordeaux wine country.

Perhaps your visit will coincide with a concert performed in the fortress courtyard or in the large reception room. In any event, we trust that you will admire and appreciate the efforts made over the past five years to partially restore the medieval château. Its old stones are full of history: that of Sauternes, as well as the seigneury created by the nephew of the Bordeaux pope well-known by wine lovers, Clement V!

Château de Fargues is a magnificent tribute to the history of the Aquitaine region.

So, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone visiting this site and perhaps we will have the pleasure of receiving you at an estate that produces one of the greatest Sauternes.

Alexandre de Lur Saluces

20 January 2014