News from the Domain mid July 2015

Summer kicks off with lots of sun and heat, which reminds us of the 2005 vintage

The year 2015 is for the time being in the “timeline” of 2005: quick full bloom early June, bunch closing in the first days of July. Altough the wood ripening (hardening off) begins in some places, the first signs of veraison are still forthcoming. Lack of water – not a single drop of water for a month – and high temperatures are probably the cause of this small blocking. Over the past 30 days, twelve days exceeded 30°C with a peak at 38°C on June 30; the average temperatures are 23.4°C with an average of maximum 30.2°C.

It’s hot, but ultimately not so exceptional: 2005 presents the same data for the same period, and also let us remember July 2006 and its maximum at 31.2°C on average.
We are hoping for a good little rainstorm to refresh and stop for a while irrigating the cornfields in full bloom.
And as everyone knows, “August makes the must” therefore let us look on to hope to repeat this exceptional 2005 vintage.