A single glass of wine per vine: that is the ideal yield when making a Sauternes wine, thanks to a very painstaking selection of grapes. In our impatient, money-obsessed times, that might appear extravagant. A unique elixir, «drunk light,» as Frédéric Dard described it, Sauternes is today weakened by the reduction in dedicated vineyard plots, in favor of dry white wine that is easier to produce, and by the threat posed by a rail construction project to the region’s ecosystem.

Alexandre de Lur Saluces, who has forty years’ experience in the service of the family estates of Yquem and Fargues, here makes a plea for Sauternes, endeavoring to share his passion and to explain the production method of this unique sweet wine, the fruit of man’s labor and an ancestral savoir-faire, of a unique terroir and a miraculous natural phenomenon. He plunges the reader into a timeless world, in what amounts to a declaration of love to a nectar that has been enchanting wine lovers and connoisseurs all over the world since the 16th century.

Alexandre de Lur Saluces, « From Yquem to Fargues », Ed. Gallimard, release date Novembre 2016.