Our philosophy at Château de Fargues

At Château de Fargues, man works closely with nature to reflect the soul of this atypical vineyard estate. The meticulous care taken of the soil and the vines, emphasis on quality, attention to detail, and strict standards explain the wine’s exquisite refinement.

Some fifty different vineyard operations are undertaken annually for every single vine in order to produce the required quality of grapes. It is out of the question to cut corners on even minor operations, because that might make all the difference…

Production is small because of the extraordinarily demanding criteria – that go so far as to reject an entire crop if it is not up to scratch. The château refuses to bottle any wine that is not worthy of its name.

That is why there was no Château de Fargues whatsoever in certain years such as 1972, 1974, 1992 and 2012. . This means coming to grips with the fact that in some years the magic just doesn’t work… There is also no second wine.

Château de Fargues epitomises the vision and the determination of the Lur Saluces family. It is no accident that the family moto is “Noch” – “Again. What this means is: « Always pursue the uncompromising quest for quality and elegance »